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Meet Amit Chaudhary, a seasoned financial professional and expert in the stock market precisely options trading. With over 6+ of experience in the industry, Amit deeply understands market analysis, portfolio management, data analysis and risk assessment. He has a proven track record of success and a passion for helping others succeed in the stock market. He stays current with market trends and is committed to continuous learning and growth as a dedicated professional. Amit can uniquely simplify complex financial concepts and provide practical, actionable advice. Book a session with Amit Chaudhary today and take your stock market knowledge to the next level!

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Course Content

1-Options basics and terminology

In the segment, we will cover all the basics of options, definitions related to options trading, and their terminology in detail.

2-Options Greeks

As an options trader, you just need to know about options greeks and their use and effect in detail.

3-Options pricing and premium valuation

With the help of options greeks and all other factors, you will be able to understand how an option got priced. Now the second big question is whether provided options for premium are daily values or not.

4-Why options buying is so fascinating

As we all know, buying options is a fancy job these days, but why is it !!! we will cover its reason and truths vs Myths.

5-Technical analysis and relevant tools

In general terms, we know that Technical analysis is very much popular but the required TA and tools for options are quite specific and different. We will cover the whole thing in detail.

6-Open interest, India VIX, and PCR

We need a proper combination and set-up to trade in the index of stock options. For that purpose, we need to understand these three things in very much detail.

7-Data and option chain analysis

As options traders, we must understand many spot and futures markets data points and options chain analysis.

8-Options buying strategies (3N, 3 BNF, 2 Stocks)

We will tell you a total of 8 strategies that are well-tested on 4-5 years of data and working well in the market.

9-Stock selection method for intraday and swing

The selection of stocks, the selection of the right strike price, and the selection of the right expiry these all three things create a deadly combination.

10-Risk and trade management and hedging

Last but not least, management is key to any success. We will make sure that you will be professionally ready to perform on the market.

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Anyone with a basic understanding of how the market works or who has previously traded in the market can join this Options Trading Course.

You will learn 8 Hot Strategies & Setups for Options Trading. Using a combination of indicators that, when applied, can generate good returns in the market from day one.

This course is going to be 10 live session

Both versions of the classes are available per your need in Hindi and English.

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